Laying the future

Spiecapag is a multicultural, multinational and multilingual company. "Wherever our clients go, chances are we have been there before and our staff is accustomed to that part of the world. This know-how is one of the essential keys to the success of our clients' complex projects, which is a prerequisite for our own success.

  • 100 yearsexperience
  • 60 countriesactivity
  • > 60 000kilometers of pipelines installed
Gender Equality

A fundamental value for Spiecapag

With 100 years of experience, Spiecapag is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of oil and gas pipelines and associated systems. As a specialist in complex projects, Spiecapag has a unique list of flagship project references and early achievements in countries taking their first steps into oil and gas production.

For Spiecapag, the performance of the company is the result of our employees, women and men. Diversity is an important aspect of our shared success. We fight against all forms of prejudice in hiring, in working relationships and in the career development of our employees. Our pledge is to promote gender diversity and continue to promote it in the years to come.
Our jobs are carried out by both men and women. Our sector, which has historically been very male-dominated, is making progress towards greater gender diversity. At VINCI Construction France, we are doing everything possible to integrate and develop women in the best possible conditions.
For the year 2021, the gender equality index score is 75 out of 100.


International performance


Spiecapag’s history is marked by unparalleled success. It continues to be written today thanks to:

  • Nearly 100 years of continuous experience in the successful construction of pipelines and associated structures;
  • Achievements in more than 60 countries on five continents;
  • Experience in laying more than 60,000 kilometers of pipelines in the most challenging projects in extreme environments, from the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to the arctic zones of Russia, from the rainforests of Cameroon to Papua New Guinea, from the deltas of Borneo to the peaks of the Andes in Peru and Colombia;
  • The experience of large oil and gas installations all over the world: terminals, storage facilities, pumping or compression stations.

The size and scope of Spiecapag’s most recent projects confirms its ability and expertise to carry out major projects worldwide.

Onshore pipelines and associated infrastructures

A global solution to the Oil & Gas industry

Spiecapag carries out complex onshore pipeline projects (up to 60 inches in diameter) and associated infrastructure such as compressor stations, pumping and metering stations, hydrocarbon storage facilities, water supply networks and mineral transportation networks.
Spiecapag’s services include project management, financing, design and engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance, and operator training or simply turnkey.

Recognition and financial capacity

A strong foundation

The stability and financial strength of Spiecapag and its parent company VINCI are additional factors of confidence for the proper execution of the projects.
The financial commitments: D3++ credit rating by the Banque de France
Thanks to its prudent management approach, Spiecapag benefits today from a financial solidity that allows it to obtain a D3++ credit rating from the Banque de France. The 3++ or “Excellent” rating reflects the assessment of the company’s ability to meet its financial commitments. It is the maximum level granted by the Banque de France.
Notoriety recognized by banks
Spiecapag maintains close relations with most French and international banks, which recognize its reputation and good standing.
Equity and cash flow: a solid financial base
Spiecapag has the necessary resources to meet its commitments. Its equity at the end August of 2021 amounted to €93,4 million and its consolidated cash position (including cash pooling), to €65,8 million with very little financial debt.
This privileged situation, coupled with the credit facilities offered by its membership of the VINCI Group, enables it to carry out major projects with unit values of several hundred million euros.