We are a multicultural, multinational and multilingual company. Wherever our clients go, chances are that we have been there before and that we have personnel familiar with that part of the world. So we know what matters and how to find our way. This know-how is one of the keys, not only to our own success, but also to the overall success in the early phases of a project.

  • + 90 yearsof experience
  • 60 countriesActivity
  • + 50 000 kmof pipelines built
Health & Safety

Spiecapag's core values

With over 90 years of experience, Spiecapag is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of oil and gas pipelines and associated systems.

A specialist in complex projects, Spiecapag has a unique list of references, from flagship projects to initial infrastructure in countries taking their first steps in oil and gas production.

For more than a quarter of a century, investors and major operators in the sector have guaranteed over 50% of the Spiecapag annual turnover.

With the help of its parent companies, Spiecapag can not only enjoy stability and financial solidity, but also a feeling of trust which allows it to position itself on the most ambitious projects.

Spiecapag believes that there can be no economic development without the respect of the stakeholders. Its certifications illustrate this.

International & Performances


The history of Spiecapag has been marked by unprecedented success. It continues to be written today thanks to:

  • Almost 90 years of continuous experience in successful production of pipelines and related works;
  • Works in over 60 countries on five continents;
  • Experience in laying over 50,000 kilometres of pipelines, as part of the most ambitious projects in extreme environments, from the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to the Russian Arctic, from tropical forests of Cameroon or Papua New Guinea to the deltas of Borneo or the peaks of the Andes in Peru and Columbia;
  • Experience in large oil or gas installations in most parts of the world: terminals, depots, pumping or compression stations.

The scope and size of Spiecapag’s most recent projects confirm its capacity and expertise to carry out major projects worldwide.

Land pipelines & related infrastructure

A global solution for the oil and gas industry

Spiecapag implements complex projects involving land pipelines (with a diameter of up to 60 inches) and related infrastructures such as stations for compression, pumping or metering, and hydrocarbon storage, as well as networks for water supply or transport of ores.

Spiecapag’s services include project management, arranging finance, design and engineering, research, procurement, construction, starting-up and maintaining facilities and the training of operators, or simply “turn-key” projects.

Profile & Financial capacity

Solid foundations

The stability and financial solidity of Spiecapag and its parent companies Entrepose Groupe and VINCI are factors which further boost confidence when it comes to the correct execution of projects.
Financial commitments: C3++ credit rating from the Bank of France
Thanks to its prudent management, Spiecapag currently benefits from financial solidity which has earned it a C3++ credit rating from the Bank of France. The 3++ or “Excellent” rating reflects the appreciation of the company’s capacity to honour its financial commitments. This is the top rating awarded by the Bank of France.

Profile recognised by banks
Spiecapag maintains close relationships with most French and international banks which recognise its reputation and honour.

Equity capital and cash: a solid financial footing
Spiecapag has the necessary resources to meet its commitments. Its equity capital at the end of 2015 amounted to €5 million and its consolidated cash (including cash pooling) was €78.7 million with very little financial debt.
This special situation combined with the credit possibilities resulting from the fact that it belongs to the Entrepose and VINCI groups allow it to carry out large projects whose unit value can amount to several hundred million euros.